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Dr. Sketchy's Bristol


We are pleased to announce Dr.Sketchy's runs monthly*  in our wonderful new abode...


Purple Rose Tattoo Parlour

All classes will run between the hours of 5-7pm.

Showcasing 2 life models from the world of burlesque, dance, circus, drag, queer, sideshow and much more.

As always we have themes for the classes to inspire our artist's drawngs.

The studio will be full of natural light, music fitting the months theme and prizes from our sponsors for our models favourite artists.


We look forward to seeing you all for



For further information and Q&A please check our news and events section, tickets available from our ticket section.


*Every month excluding January and December

*Limited tickets available, this is a life drawing class

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Jungle Blues

It was a right royal rumble in the jungle at March's Dr Sketchy's Bristol event, Jungle Blues.


From stripping, great apes, vintage glamour and fruity fun with a Miranda Carmen-themed burlesque performance it was one of the best classes yet.


Maybe it's my imagination quality of work produces seems to get better and better and the variety of styles on show is quite remarkable. There are so many ways of seeing the same models. Chalks, pen and ink, acrylic, watercolours, realistic, impressionistic, comic-inspired – check out some of the artworks submitted to the galleries on Facebook to see the amazing variety. One chap even used an Apple iPad as his medium of choice. There's really no limits.


Artists were particularly surprised to see a 'stripping gorilla' courtesy of burlesque performer Velveteen Hussey, which afforded a perhaps expected opportunity to practice drawing fur before she stripped down to a Tarzan's Jane (or was it 'Raquel Welch in One Million Years BC') number.


Poppy Von Tarte delighted with her quirky take on 1920s high glamour before there was more monkey business from Honey Holiday with a fruit salad of a Carmen Miranda costume.


Each model had a tough job choosing their favourite pictures from the artists (there's a prize on offer for each model's pick).


The jungle-themed soundtrack drew heavily from jungle-themed b-movies and old exotica with plenty of groovy jungle rhythms to keep the artists entertained.

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