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Dr. Sketchy's Bristol


We are pleased to announce Dr.Sketchy's runs monthly* on the last second Sunday of every month* in our wonderful new abode...

Purple Rose Tattoo Parlour

All classes will run between the hours of 5-7pm.

Showcasing 2 life models from the world of burlesque, dance, circus, drag, queer, sideshow and much more.

As always we have themes for the classes to inspire our artist's drawngs.

The studio will be full of natural light, music fitting the months theme and prizes from our sponsors for our models favourite artists.


We look forward to seeing you all for



For further information and Q&A please check our news and events section, tickets available from Bristol ticket shop*


*Every month excluding January and December

*Limited tickets available, this is a life drawing class

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So we have been teasing you all with rumours of what Lou-Leigh Blue has in the pipe line for DSB, well...


We are pleased to announce that as of 2017 we will be

hosting a bi-monthly Dr.Sketchy's class...


Dr. Sketchy's After Dark


This exclusive art class will run for 1.5 hours on a Thursday evening and be perfect for those who enjoy the quirky twist of drawing performers in costume but also the traditional aspect of drawing the nude physique.


We will focus on one model each session allowing us to introduce longer poses to the class for all of our artists to produce portraits of the models.

We will be saving live performances for our larger sessions to keep ever session unique.


These class will be held in our venue Purple Rose Tattoo Parlour and will cost £6 per class, numbers are very limited per session and will be held on a first come basis, this is a non-ticketed event however we will take names based on interest before the event and put your name on the list, so you are able to pay on the door.


Want to know more?

Get in touch with Lou-Leigh Blue at or facebook-

Sketchy's After Dark...

NEW Year, NEW Venue, NEW Class Lay Out and many more exciting NEW things...

strong darcy

After a quiet end to 2016 we are  happy to announce our return of Dr. Sketchy's Bristol  with some fabulous new additions!

We now run our classes once a month (excluding May due to festivals) on our usual Sunday's with a different time  of 5-7pm.


Every session we hold our classes with a different theme and our 2 hour classes will now take place in our wonderful new venue Purple Rose Tattoo Parlour.


Q & A...regarding our new classes-


The classes now only run for 2 hours and not 3?

We wanted to offer our sketchers the chance to drawn two models at the same time for more of the session. This will now offer those artists who wish to draw longer pose and those who wish to draw shorter ones the oppurtunity to do both with a shorter break.


As the classes now take place in a tattoo studio and not a bar can we no longer have refreshments?

Please feel free to bring your own refreshments- making this cheaper for you at our sessions. We will provide plastic cups for this.


Is there parking outside the venue?

Plenty, and better still it's FREE!


Will there be table to draw off?

We have a limited number of tables for our artist to use and drawing boards, please feel free to bring any easel's or small artist tables (please email us before the session tho inform us you wish to bring one of these)



We are taking January OFF!